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Studio Mieke Meijer

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Studio Mieke Meijer is Dutch design studio founded by Mieke Meijer and Roy Letterlé. They work on self-initiated and commissioned projects from their workshop in Eindhoven (NL). Constructive imagery, tangible materiality and tectonic detailing are the fundamentals of the studio’s strong and recognisable signature. These specific characteristics often relate directly to their architectural references.

Meijer (Wezep, 1982) graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. Letterlé (Kerkrade, 1978) studied structural engineering at PTH Eindhoven. Meijer and Letterlé both lecture and give workshops at various educational and cultural Institutions. Currently they are teaching at Design Academy Eindhoven and HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. Furthermore they are co-founders of NewspaperWood BV.

Building methods and construction principles as applied in industrial architecture are an endless source of inspiration for the studio because of their consistency in structure, material and experience. By scaling down components and changing materiality, objects arise that can be used in a domestic or commercial environment but still keep their architectural and autonomous character. The liminal field between architecture and product design enables the studio to move freely, regardless of architectural restrictions and outside the boundaries of the traditional product.

Studio Mieke Meijer applies both traditional and modern materials and aspires design solutions that both reflect the logic of the construction and respects material properties, without losing artistic freedom. Craftsmanship and CNC production methods are equally important in the well-equipped workshop where most designs are being produced in small series or limited editions.
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