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Studio Make LLC

Studio Make LLC

Tacoma, WA

"award winning concrete / steel design and fabrication company"
Studio Make is a full service design and fabrication company specializing in custom precast and site cast concrete, specialty steel fabrication , and wood working. The company was founded by Duncan Susag of Sound Concrete and Cody Carpenter of Architectural Concrete Interiors. With a combined 25 years of industry experience we are dedicated to solving the most challenging of projects and bringing them to fruition with the highest level of craftsmanship. All of our products are hand crafted locally in Tacoma Washington using locally sourced and sustainable materials.

At Studio Make we emphasize on modern design practices enhancing our products resulting in bold statement pieces that are timeless in their design and aesthetics. Whether you are a designer, architect, or homeowner we are here to cater to your specific project needs.
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