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Studio Doppio

Turin, Italy

Studio Doppio was born from the collaboration between Pietro Abbruzzese and Dario Sasso.
Since the first years of activity, Studio Doppio has moved in the world of architecture with exploratory will, initially turning to the exhibit world , then moving towards fields such as residential design , the leisure world and that of important commercial formats for medium and large companies in Italy and abroad.
The work in close contact with important business realities has allowed us to develop a design ability not so much linked to predetermined stylistic models, but on the contrary has taught us to have flexible approaches to the project by trying to increase the points of view to have a correct vision of together.
In each intervention, all the design phases are followed in their entirety, from the initial brief to the delivery of the space created, at the center of the whole project, intended not only as a means of creating an architecture or an environment, but also and above all as a vehicle for communication for the company or representation of specific needs for the private customer.
In recent years Studio Doppio has been investigating new areas of design, such as office design , hotels, restaurants and public spaces.
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