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Studio Dennis

Sydney, Australia

"Mural artist , Canvas Painter"
Andrew Dennis is an artist living and working in the subtropics of Sydney since 2000. Studio Dennis is the collective name for a practice that covers multiple outputs such as mural art, painting, design, textiles and street graphics. Drawing from a diverse range of influences including 20th-century art, low-brow comics, skateboard culture and points in-between, Studio Dennis has developed a unique language that is complex and unique.

Working with a collection of characters and objects best described as a cabinet of curiosities, Dennis creates a decorative wallpaper that deals in subjects such as civilisation, future living, biodomes, and animal behaviour. Much of this exploration taps into the visionary constructions of the artist as a passionate collector and amalgamator of artefacts, whether it be retro furniture designs, early primitive African masks or other memorabilia. The constant search for interesting connections from human history is a source of intrigue and creative interest.
Wescover creator since 2020
Projects Portfolio
Sydney Park Hotel
Newtown, Australia
Residential Project
Sydney, Australia

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