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Studio Chris Fox

Sydney, Australia

"Altering sites through material and architectural intervention."
Studio Chris Fox navigates the complex constraints of the public domain with poetic sensibility, recalibrating our perception of place through material and architectural intervention.

The work of Chris Fox interrogates the conceptual and material boundaries between art and architecture, altering sites through installation, object and drawing. Each experience of the Chris Fox’s work is relative to the technical and conceptual grammar of architecture and construction. The exploratory processes undertaken in his practice allow for a fluidity between design and artistic thinking. Sculptural works, playfully mimic, distort and disrupt their environment producing unexpected spatial and material manipulations. Extensive experience in utilising numerous materials means that Chris Fox has a wealth of construction, material and artistic knowledge to extend the territory of architecture, installation and sculpture. Like ‘material alchemy’, his sculptures generate flexible possibilities of meaning to explore.
Wescover creator since 2019

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