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Street Art of Artkungfu (Angel Quesada)

Houston, TX

"Texas Artist - Local flavor < International Style"
In Chinese, Kung Fu translates to “skill acquired by hard work.” Quesada’s longtime intimate connection to music, visual and martial arts has fundamentally influenced his approach to artmaking – thus, the street name “Artkungfu”. Much like Tai Chi, Quesada’s artworks strive to circulate energy and use improvisational rhythm, color and line in an exploration connecting aspects of nature, geometry, spirituality, mysticism, place-keeping and seeing expression by the human hand on our landscape.

Imagery is drawn from his experiences as a Chicano/x artist and South Texas native, he frequently works in underserved communities. As a muralist, Quesada works to preserve his love of Tai Chi principles. Posture and fluidity merge with movement and paint in response to the geographic area. His memories of the place and how the sun moves through the landscape, are all analyzed for it allows the colors to be visible and lend a visceral impact to the public works. Murals direct the audiences' eyes and ultimately their bodies- all these elements act together to create a method to access the art. The artist becomes a conduit for the intangible.

Quesada notes that the beauty of our surroundings matters and people become attached to items in our landscape. Artwork can feed excitement about a place and celebrate people who live there. To quote the artist, "Art is produced in a way that is spontaneous; it is informed by being in that place, as a response or a dialogue." Since his return to Texas in 2005, his home state, he has served as an artist (muralist), curator, exhibition designer, arts administrator, arts advocate, promoter, video editor and currently teaches Tai Chi in the Houston area.
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