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Street Art by David Zinn

Ann Arbor, MI

"Small Creatures, Big Impact"
David Zinn has been drawing on sidewalks for well over a decade, using chalk and charcoal and anamorphic distortion to bring his imaginary friends into the real world. All his drawings are improvised on location and often incorporate parts of the landscape and found objects, such as cracks in concrete or leaves on the ground. Mr. Zinn is inspired by a desire to place cheerful art in places where it is not expected, and to embrace the temporary nature of all things. Also, by drawing in public with easily obtained, “childish” materials, David hopes to demystify both the creation and the appreciation of art.

On rare occasions, David integrates his creatures into urban & natural environments using permanent paint, creating small-scale installations that persist through a variety of seasons and settings. These “mini-murals” are also improvised with the same spirit of childish whimsy as his chalk art, but are easier to visit long-term. This compendium is intended in part to assist with that goal.
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