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STRA Street

London, United Kingdom

"I make holes in paper ."
Originally started in France, very little personal information is known about STRA, keeping his identity unknown allows him to keep his spirit & work free.

STRA paints first by pure passion, he became addicted to the spray cans when he was still in Art School, throwing up his name around town.
His art teachers were telling him to stop, there was “no future” in this kind of technique/world. Urban art was still raw and unconstitutional at this time.
Of course he didn’t listen, kept going & elaborated his own techniques & style.

“When I was younger, traditional art wasn’t inspiring me to become an artist”

Known for his powerful satirical & social issue comments. His strong messages often controversial made him easily distinguish from other stencil artist.
STRA work combines elements of our current culture, urban art today, Marxist theory & political Art.

Using Black, White & Red as his favourite colour palette. Working with different types of street art media, STRA has been using stencil, wheat past, stickers, collage, sculpture and murals as his weapons.
Using the anagram of ARTS as his signature.

Always on the road, aiming to hit as much cities possible, hundreds of murals in Europe and around the world.
STRA’s work can be seen in some major cities in Europe like London, Paris, Berlin, Lisboa or Amsterdam, but also around Australia and Asia.
Wescover creator since 2019

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