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Stockton Heritage
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Stockton Heritage

Minneapolis, MN

Stockton Heritage is a Minneapolis-based furniture company owned by Bryce Vielguth that specializes in handmade, mid-west modern furniture. The mainstay ingredients of our custom pieces are locally and responsibly sourced. We rely on only quality, innately durable Minnesota fine-wood in our craftsmanship.

As a small-scale furniture startup, our vision is simple: by highlighting the ageless combination of steel and wood, we aim to create conversation-pieces that embrace nature’s rugged, timeless beauty.

We're most contacted for our live-edge furniture. As recently noted in the Blissful Bee, our pieces are valued for their uniqueness. No two wooden slabs are ever the same. You can be sure that your piece is one-of-a-kind.

We love to collaborate on custom projects.

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