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Stillwell Fine Art

Carson City, NV

"Romantic Narrative Abstracts"
Art is Margaret Stillwell’s third career and a culmination of her journey thus far.   After three long years of not being able to live her life painfree, she began  reinventing herself and healing as an artist,  Her Romantic Narrative Abstract art is rich in dipicting  the exploration of ones psyche and the soulful connections made along the way.   Margaret‘s urban landscapes represent our inner structures and our exploration within them.  Her love of nature is expressed in those moments of pause- when you catch your breath  in wonder and anticipation.

Stillwell is a lifelong horsewoman, traveler and student. Her earliest sketches were horse doodles on her assignments in elementary school.  Her teachers would remark that she didn’t need to sign her name because they knew whose paper it was due to the horse drawings all over it.  It is amusing to her that she has come full circle and is again drawing and painting horses- often inspired by the majesty of the wild mustangs near her home in Nevada.  The romance of the western lifestyle is near and dear to Margaret’s heart.  Geometric shapes were another favorite doodle and have morphed into abstract cityscapes.  Stillwell’s early years were blessed with parents who saw the value of other cultures, architecture and history.  Those distant destinations still echo in Stillwell’s paintings .  Life is the greatest teacher and there is a lesson to be learned in everything.  Margaret enjoys the challenge of unknown territory, whether physical, metaphysical or emotional, and  the sense of discovery in a journey.  

Margaret Stillwell attended the Milan Art Institute in Arizona, and is a member of the Nevada Art Association. She often has work displayed in the local art gallery in Carson City, Nevada.  She splits her time between her ranch in Nevada and a casa in Arizona.  She lives with two horses, a dog, a cat and a very good man.
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