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Stiliani Moulinos - Sculptures and Art
Stiliani Moulinos
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Stiliani Moulinos

Brooklyn, NY

"Stiliani Ceramica is the inheritance of ceramic traditions expressed through the hands of the artist. With the discipline of the craftsperson and fire of the artist, this one of a kind works harmoniously present the time-honored craft in modern expression.

These collections of beautiful objects for the home, functional sculptures and architectural wares are formed by the hands of Stiliani Moulinos. Born in Greece, Stiliani spent her childhood between the island of Kefalonia and the city of Athens, finding herself between the worlds of nature and architecture, the past and the present.

This intersection of influences continued as she studied Fine Arts with a Concentration in Ceramics at SUNY New Paltz, learning the ancient process of wood firing and modern production. The duality of influences and practice continue to be expressed through her works, most recently with her studio’s crafted wares for Ellen Degeneres’ new line, ED, and the suspended installation in the lobby of the 1Hotel Central Park.

Stiliani Ceramica is based in Brooklyn, NY, where all pieces are handmade by Stiliani and her assistant /Sheepadoodle, Elvis."