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Stephanie McGeorge

Stephanie McGeorge

Walnut Creek, CA

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"Hand crafted pieces intended for everyday use."
The idea that a piece of pottery is being used or admired daily is the best possible outcome for me. Pure joy, right there. Second to that is how important the process of pottery is to me. I fell in love with the craft many years ago, and after some other career paths, I've come back to it full time. I'm inspired by the many rituals at home that ceramic ware plays a central role in (cooking, sharing a meal, displaying flowers from the garden, etc.) and the many ways we bring art and design into our homes.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"I’m amazed when I think about my pieces reaching 2300° in the kiln. They go through something so drastic to then come out and come to life when they serve an intended purpose; a vase with flowers, a mug full of coffee, and saucer with breakfast pastries, etc."
Stephanie McGeorgeStephanie McGeorge

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