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Stenholt Glas


"HANDMADE in Denmark. Unique pieces. Everything is made with great love for the material, the curves and the edges."
Stenholt Glas/Stenholt Glass is situated in a beautiful old building which originates from the early 1900s in the centre of Aarhus, Denmark. Here, glass artist Rikke Stenholt sells her unique pieces and smaller collections of homeware. In the workshop which is openly connected to the shop you can watch Rikke Stenholt working with the hot glass which she occasionally combines with other materials such as bronze, copper, silver, gold, steel, leather, rubber and concrete.
She gets her inspiration from the nordic sky among other aspects of nature and her pieces are known for their wonderful representation of the nordic light. Rikke Stenholt has exhibited nationally as well as internationally. Furthermore, she has decorated a hospital, several school buildings and numerous private companies. She has also made pieces for a number of churches including a pulpit, a baptismal font, a baptismal jug, a lectern, a communion dish, chalices and an altarpiece. Gravestones and monuments have also been commissioned and have been cast in solid glass. At Glasmuseet/the Glass Museum in Ebeltoft, Rikke has neon pieces on display. These can also be viewed at other places around Europe.
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