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Steingrímur Gauti

Steingrímur Gauti

Reykjavík, Iceland

"Visual Artist, based in Reykjavík, Iceland"
Steingrímur Gauti lives and works in Reykjavík Iceland. He studied Fine Arts at the Iceland University of Arts and in Universitat der Kunste in Berlin where he focused only on painting. He is known for his large, sparse, abstract expanses on canvas, with some childlike drawings and scribbles of sentences. “I’m not really that interested in the relationship of colour or form or anything like that,” Steingrímur says about his work. “I’m more interested in expressing some basic forms of human emotions.”

“I used to think that I didn’t need to find inspiration and that it was just something to look for if you needed to design or illustrate something. But inspiration always finds you, even when you are not looking. A few years back I became very interested in meditation and especially in Zen Buddhism, which has influenced my work quite a bit. Everything becomes much lighter and simpler and the clear mind makes it very easy for random thoughts to find their way into my work. I try not to take any of this too seriously, because if I try too hard I don’t get anywhere. Just create something, preferably from a place of no-mind and total stillness.

“The act of painting for me is a way of thinking. I don’t really think and paint, but the mind follows the hand and the act turns into a conversation with the painting which includes the automatic thought of what the next move will be and so on. So I guess in a way, my work is just about time and being, the mundane and what falls in between. The notes you cannot play and some the feelings you can’t put into words.

"What I would like to see in my paintings when they are ready, is not really something intellectual, but more physical and dynamic - something that pulls you in.”

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