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Steiner Studios Art

Indianapolis, IN

"Urban Nature Photography"
I grew up in rural southern Indiana and started Photography at the age of 10 in 4-H. I am drawn to capture landscape and lifestyle photography often altering to black and white and taking abstract views of common items by use of angles and lighting such as taking a direct shot into a sunbeam. I also use the color splash technique- turning the photo to a black and white and then highlighting a specific area and restoring its original color. I also love the detailed aspects of macro photography. I use intuition to guide me into the subject matter of the day and often have the reoccurring strong thought- that would make a great picture.
Photography is my passion and truly makes me happy. I hope my Photography can do the same for others.

My greatest Art accomplishment – meeting my husband via their Instagram Art accounts. He is an abstract painter and was living in New Jersey and she here in Indiana. They followed each other for 2 years and connected in 2017, merged into Steiner Studios and their journey continues.
Wescover creator since 2020

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