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Stefania Gallina - MAPU Lab

Sri Lanka

"Travelling - currently in Sri Lanka"
I am really debating whether I should put a long and boring self proclamative bio here, or not.

I think I'll keep it nice and short so you get the info without falling asleep.

I am a mural artist. Which means that I draw incredibly big things that make you go like 'oh woooow'. And I love doing this. If you have a look through my walls you will notice that I use many styles: I love exploring new techniques, I hate repeating myself and I strongly believe that different locations requires different designs, so I try to paint accordingly to the environment.

As I can work with my art everywhere I happen to travel a lot. So I do have a house in Italy, but I am rarely there.

And that's it really. Ah! I am an illustrator too and I sell my prints here I also happen to have a degree in Business and Languages and many other papers and qualifications related to arts. If you require a long embellished description of how I got to do this for a living you can call me and I will be happy to reply to your questions. But to be honest the only interesting thing you really want to know is that I made a living out of my art for the last 11 years. Please read that again: I made a living out of ART (Art come on!!) for the last 11 years. If that does not prove I'm good, I do not know what would do.
Wescover creator since 2020

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