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Stefani Esta - Sculptures and Art
Stefani Esta
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Stefani Esta

Sand City, CA

“Stefani Esta is a contemporary visual artist who creates 3 dimensional and wall sculptures from steel, copper brass, stone and mixed media. Her interplay with stone and metal reveal the light and energy that lie within the materials she uses.

With camera in hand, Sam Farr captures more than an image; he captures the essence and spirit of the person and place. His photographs, displayed publicly for the first time, offer a glimpse into his larger world, and through them he shares with us a piece of himself.

Carmel artist Stefani Esta is passionate about finding and expressing truths, and it is perhaps this ardor for revealing what lies beneath the surface of things that led her to sculpture—a medium in which areas that are removed become as important as what remains. Drawn to the natural and physical qualities of both stone and steel, Esta takes on the role of an alchemist, precipitating transformation and stretching the boundaries of materials ordinarily considered unyielding.

With echoes of the simple and formal design often seen in Asian art, Esta’s wall pieces map her process of exploration. As she scratches down through the layers she has laboriously applied, she unveils colors and textures that lie hidden. This extremely visceral process of discovery mirrors Esta’s inner voyage, her examination of the layers—of experiences, of meaning, of truth—that make up her own life.”