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Stefan Busch

Berlin, Germany

Infras real name is Stefan Busch. He is a visual artist focussing on contemporary urban art and predominantly works with adhesive materials. He is part of Tape That collective, founded in 2011 and based in Berlin. Tape That has been active internationally in over 38 countries.

He works as a commissioned artist for brands, conducts workshops and organises exhibitions. Since he started doing tape art in 2010 he aims to establish tape art as a serious and well-known artform. For this purpose he has initiated and organised the Tape Art Convention since 2016. The exhibition showcases the diversity of art made from adhesive materials. It takes place bianually and features between 9 and 30 international artists.

Infras own artistic approach is highly versatile. He creates roominstallations, murals or objects. He plays with the perception of a space and it’s architectural features. His abstract roominstallations are always a result of a communicative process with the client or owner of a space. Each artwork is influenced by the context, the time and the possibilities a space offers to apply his art. His aim is to create artworks that are aestheticly beautiful, as well as linked with their surroundings. Besides his abstract works he also focusses on portraiture in order to express feelings and emotions.

Since 2014 he is vitally involved in the Tape That project „Tape Art Around The World”. In cooperation with the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Goethe Institut and the German Embassy he travels the world to conduct Tape Art workshops, attend cultural exchange projects and exhibit his works internationally.
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