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Stacy Harshman Art

Wallingford, VT

"I am a beauty gatherer"
Welcome to a truly unusual collection of art.
​This art is . . . alive.
Painted on glass, these works combine resins, glass paints, stained glass fills and waxes with real, dried pressed flowers. As the live components of the canvases age with time, the work itself evolves.
​A Stacy Harshman original will continue to change its colors, its moods, and its look every year.
It is imbued with and lives a life very much its own.
My creative process revolves around the merging of color and beauty between nature's materials and man's.
I begin by sourcing the highest-quality dried and pressed flowers. Then I go in search of glass panes - also often found items. I go through my paints, resins, waxes, and flowers and choose what draws me in at that moment. As I pour the paints onto the glass, I find myself mixing and shifting the materials as I go.

​The paints always surprise me – they seem to take on a life of their own and guide me, too. Once I have created a canvas that feels "alive," I begin to work the flowers into the piece. My choices are spontaneous and kinetic. I am called to certain flowers, colors, and textures for each piece.

I feel it in my body. It experience creating art like a magnetic pull. Each composition is an experiment, a wonder. Sometimes paintings come together quickly; other times they take some coaxing. The liquid nature of my pieces has its own morphing and unexpected ways. I feel a tug and pull between wanting to control its direction and going with the flow.
The Process | Stacy Harshman Art

​Creating these pieces is exciting for me! Simply put, they bring me joy. And that is what I hope they do for you.
Wescover creator since 2020

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