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Kansas City, KS

"My mission is to create a functional piece that so captures your attention that it draws you in to contemplate its visual beauty of form and texture and compels you to experience its tactile qualities through touch and feel."
"My need to marry form & function goes way back. I bought my first power tool in Jr high with money from odd jobs. Wanting to make something useful & no doubt influenced by the mid-century style of George + Jane Jetson of The Jetsons fame, I cut a kidney-shaped table top from plywood & attached screw-on '60s type legs from the hardware store. I still own the power jigsaw but the table was most likely snatched up by aliens.

Now with a well-stocked shop & years of wood & welding experience, I can unleash the beauty I see in reclaimed wood & pair that with the stunning strength of steel. Any function you need can be crafted into a form that will hold your entire attention.

Originally from WA, the Evergreen State, I now live in KS, the Hardwood, I mean, Sunflower State. I enjoy spending time with my multi-gen family, sipping a good craft beer, listening old school to my turntable, playing tricks on my grandkids, cooking meat with smoke & fire and praying through my work."
Wescover creator since 2018

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