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Spear Torres

San Juan, Puerto Rico

"Con la boca es un Mamey"
Pedro  "Spear " Torres, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in the year 1977. In his adolescence when he first moved from the island he began to practice graffiti in the city of Worcester, Massachussets,  where he also began his studies in graphic arts. In 1998 he obtained his diploma with honors in Graphic Arts from the academic institution Atlantic University.
His early experience with graffiti and his professional training working in printing presses are influences important for the development of the graphic language in his Work. Since the year 2004 he is member of the collective of illustrators, graphic artists, visual and of graffiti, El Corografico ( "El Coro"). Recognized as the first urban art collective on the island, it uses graffiti as a design and guide element for its works, mainly the Murals. Achieving the integration of different languages or styles within a unison composition is what has distinguished the work of El Corografico. The scale of the murals executed by Torres and by the collective have increased in great form. In the year 2014, Torres worked together with Gerardo Cloquell, member of El Corografico, the Conceptuzalicaión and the design of the mural of the parking of Doña Fela in old San Juan, work that measures 340 ' x 40 ' and that was executed by members of the Collective.
Since 2005, Torres has exhibited his work in Paris, Tokyo, Havana, Brazil, New York, Miami, among other Cities. Together with the group he received the first prize at the Bienal of Urban art, Graphopoli, presented by the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico. Since then he has participated successfully in urban art festivals, local and international projects such as Santurce es Ley (editions i, ii, ii, IV and VI), Los Muros Hablan (editions I and ii) and the Feria de Cultura Urbana (editions i, III and V). In addition, he participated in Colors at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, Wynwood Walls (2011, 2012 and 2013), Streets of Styles 2016, Villa Francisca Santo Domingo 2018, Pow Wow Worcester 2018, among Others.
In the proposals of his murals the graffiti element predominates always related to the Symbology. It addresses social and mystical themes that are expressed through the use of icons and the use of harmonious, bright and highly contrasted colors. Torres has also specialized in the creation of images of brands, logos and graphics for a wide variety of inserted projects in both the local and international markets and cultural character projects.
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