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Vancouver, Canada

"Light is the brush that paints spaces as colour is on canvases"
Exploring the design process, navigating into mental maps & experimenting in a white canvas. Painting has always been my own space to explore the creative process and experiment with the elements.
Light is a series which it’s inspiration comes from my travels when
entering architectural spaces absorbing its sensibilities and living its language of shapes, colors, textures, and lines, that are found suspended in the space discovered by the touch of the sun's rays and the bright light of the moon.
Light that is projected, that filters into the spaces we create, light that we can capture on a canvas where instants of time gives infinite of possibilities .
The development of concepts is an amazing virtual dimension, a journey starts and is where magic happens, where knowledge, experiences, interactions, symbolism, meanings, all come together in a fascinating world like clouds of information that surround our abilities to turn it into an expression and stage it in a white canvas creating a language.

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