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Sophie Mangelsen

Berlin, Germany

"More elegance. More Jazz."
Painting to smooth jazz rhythms Sophie Mangelsen creates her own and typical gestural abstractions with constant visual interest of jazzy elegance. New collections are all vegan art. Mangelsen‘s informal art appeals to introspection and evokes a both inner and outer dialogue with the viewer. ____________________________________________________________________________

Mind? Psyche? Consciousness? Through her artwork, Sophie Mangelsen depicts the poles of human existence and perception, including the unconscious. She interprets and appeals to introspection. Here, perception is deconstructed, reduced to the essential, and the fragments reassembled. Harmony and disharmony, balance and imbalance - inner landscapes of the complexity of the mind. As an artist and psychologist inspired by that plurality, her work reflects an impulsive yet tranquil sense of being as well as conscious and unconscious paths of mind in a contemporary informal art style. Characteristic are the tensions between light and shadow and a return to organic, feminine forms. As in inner landscapes, the works depict feelings at a certain point in time and emphasize their contrasts. Through the plurality between shadow and euphoria, her informal style is directed towards an impulsive search for meaning, striving for peace. The reading of the works lies in our gaze, nourished by what comes from within and what meets us from the outside. „I dismantle my perception, reduce it to the essential and reassemble the fragments. Harmony and disharmony, balance and imbalance - alternating baths of alert minds. In complementary nuances of white, the tensions between light and shadow are characteristic, as structure suggesting my return to clear forms and elements. My interest focuses on the search which lies beyond our journey to the material. Like internal landscapes, my picture depicts emotions at a certain point in time and highlights their contrasts.“

Sophie Mangelsen, from Berlin, is additionally inspired on her journey by her experience as a psychologist and art therapist, in training as a psychodynamic psychotherapist. She studied at the Université Paris VIII and the University of Leipzig and found her form of expression in painting already in her youth - in 2005 she won the Federal Prize at the 50th European Competition in Art. Having lived, painted, and studied in Berlin, Paris, and Leipzig, her paintings have been shown at international exhibitions throughout Europe, also China. The values of painting led her to experiment with various techniques and materials and evolving throughout her artistic career. Dedicated to the exploration and the freedom of the abstract form, she employs bold forms of color and process to create. Her current works are all in high-quality acrylic technique on canvas and wooden stretched frames, carefully protected by special varnish, in bigger formats.
The artist lives in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg and on the island Usedom.
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