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Sophie Burke Design

Vancouver, Canada

Sophie Burke Design (SBD) is an award winning Vancouver based design practice known for its creativity, subtle sophistication and warmth. The focus of our work is private homes and select retail.

Understated, elegant, and classic design combined with the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest shape our designs and approach. We strive to design simple, timeless and beautiful spaces that are meaningful for the people who live in them.

As a full service design firm we collaborate with the client to define the vision of each project, overseeing it from creative inception to project completion. Bringing design to life requires the trust, dedication and skills of our amazing community of partners. We proudly collaborate with leading architects, landscapers, builders, developers, furniture makers, skilled tradespeople and suppliers to achieve world class and award-winning results.

The firm’s work has been consistently featured in national and local magazines and on multiple design blogs. Sophie Burke Design won Western Living's Robert Ledingham Memorial Award in 2013. Canadian House and Home magazine said of Sophie: ‘The designer’s sophisticated, eclectic sensibility is spot-on’ and she has been labelled ‘Vancouver’s Design Darling’ by the same magazine.

Sophie studied design in London, and stayed there working for the preeminent firm Conran and Partners for 4 years afterwards. Her experience working and living in the UK and abroad cemented her love for classic, contemporary elegance and provided the backdrop for her refined design sensibility. "I gained an appreciation for a broad range of design styles; I love the tension between old and new, high and low, modern and classic." Moving back to Vancouver to found Sophie Burke Design, she carried this aesthetic with her and blends it with the inspiration she finds in the beauty of the pacific northwest. The colours, natural materials and rugged textures have found a way into her designs. She is creating a new Pacific Northwest look that blends this inspiration from nature with a global perspective.

Her belief is that homes should have layers that speak to the character of the people who live in them. They should be feel natural and easy, reflecting a modern way of living.
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