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Sophia Paleotheodoros

Montreal, Canada

"Powerful Vibrant Abstract Artist"
Beautifully stunning and unique artwork that adds dimension to any environment is what defines Sophia Paleotheodoros. Style, color and artistic creativity burst forth in every piece adorned with the Sophia Paleotheodoros signature. Born in Montréal of Greek heritage, Sophia kindled a sense of independence in her early years, and against the wishes of her proud mother, answered her calling to creativity. Sometimes dream-like, sometimes sensuous, her art is a visual exploration of surfaces, a marvellous mixture of shades that are sometimes sumptuous, sometimes simple. There is timelessness in her work, allowing it to bypass fads with the beauty of its thoughtful nature. Far from formalism, her impressionistic style is her iconic signature.

Sophia Paleotheodoros signature offers the perfect creation in various sizes. Decorate your interior, commissioned creations are all part of the services, including for the needs of:

- Designers - Architects
- Residential & Commercial Property
- Interior decorators
- Commissioned pieces
- Delivery
Wescover creator since 2020

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