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Canberra, Australia

"Site Specific Paintings for the Built Environment"
With a deep understanding of how colour, space and form interact, Lymesmith works with architects, designers and private clients to realise the colour potential within their building projects. From innovative material palettes, to painted installations for large-scale public infrastructure, Lymesmith’s work can be enjoyed in parks, universities, restaurants, homes, city laneways, on public transport, at the pool and even in the public toilets at Australia’s most iconic beach.

Lymesmith employs colour to enhance connection to place; to amplify or camouflage built form; to signify cultural and historical connections; to reinforce way-finding strategies; to create new identities and regenerate places in transition.

This specialisation and approach to colour in the built environment has resulted in ongoing relationships with Sydney’s leading architecture and design firms, and to multiple awards.

The name Lymesmith was coined to describe one who works with lime, and whose practice makes essential connections across the disciplines of architecture, painting and urban design. Lime is a ubiquitous substance. It is a key ingredient in mortar, cement, plaster and paint, forming an essential link between built form and ‘decoration’. Oyster and mussels shell middens created by Aboriginal people around Sydney harbour were 'mined' and burnt to create shell lime for the construction of the first European buildings in Australia. For this reason, the Sydney rock oyster has been adopted for Lymesmith’s logo.

Lymesmith acknowledges and pays respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as the first inhabitants and traditional custodians of Australia, and whose cultural connection to country offers daily inspiration to how we live, work and learn.
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