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Solstice Interiors

San Diego, CA

Solstice Interiors strives to create a space that is not only functional and beautiful, but that evokes a sense of abundance. Your surroundings heavily influence your day-to-day life, and we are here to enhance those surroundings within your space. Whether you're looking for a quick refresh on one room, or a complete renovation, we cater to each clients needs and budget.
Wescover creator since 2019

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Is there an essential mix of talents you need to create a space?

"I think it's so important to be able to look at the whole picture of a space or a home - it's easy to look at all of the sources available and fall in love with a tile, a sofa, a pillow, a table, etc. - but being able to ensure everything ends up being cohesive and makes sense together is so important! Also, a sense of scale and spacial planning is vital to creating a space."
Solstice InteriorsSolstice Interiors

How did you discover Creators (designers, artists, makers, etc.) and keep your community growing?

"I love collaborating with local artists and makers as much as possible, as well as connecting with other local designers! Community is so important - and providing support as well as putting yourself out there enough to ask for that support in others is a game changer in the design industry, especially for younger designers like myself. I'll never forget the designers that have become mentors and friends to me and I really look to pay it forward after receiving that same support. As for growing with new clients - I love connecting with past clients, connecting with those showing love on our IG, and really anyone I connect with in person through circles of networks!"
Solstice InteriorsSolstice Interiors

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