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Sobekcis - Murals and Street Murals
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Namur, Belgium

"When Serbian artists Sobekcis had a show at Fifty24SF in September they painted two pieces and one mural on the street. One piece is on Erie Alley in San Francisco and this piece is by Lake Merritt in Oakland, Ca. Both are still up.
Sobeckis is made of Sobek and Kcis. They are twin brothers from Belgrade who are from there and went back again having lived in other European countries and completed art studies in Vienna. They have roots in graffiti and are members of the HA - Heavy Artillery crew. Currently they are directing their focus more towards indoor art. Their colors are bold with broad patterns.
Excerpt from MTN 2013 interview
“Graffiti gives a great sense of self meaning, whether you’re painting all day or doing a quick illegal piece, you can always say you have left something behind you and that’s a very gratifying feeling. It somehow creates a temporary bubble that blocks out any problem that you may have at that moment. We are not saying that you should use graffiti to run away from problems in life and act like they don’t exist, but to use it as a medium to relax and enjoy yourself”"