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Bogotá, Colombia

Daniel Escobar (Skore999) He is a graffiti writer that begins in 2005, influenced by rap and the content of the videos of the time. As a child he stays in this artistic field drawing and creating most of the time; At the end of high school he travels to Mexico City to study the professional career of plastic arts. On this trip you have the opportunity to present your first public exhibition together with the APC collective in an exhibition called Coleour, this triggers a series of samples and events held with the same collective that transcends until mid-2009 where Skore 999 returns to Colombia and continues doing samples with the members of that country. He makes a diploma in Plastic Arts, at the end of this diploma he remains in the discipline, focuses on impacting the largest population through the walls in the world such as: Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia where he currently resides. This adventure has been going on for 14 years, where it is always active and constantly evolving, its work is appreciated both in murals and in canvases and individual samples.
Wescover creator since 2020

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