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SKALAR - Chandeliers and Lighting
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Hudson, NY

SKALAR was founded by Polish architect Jarek Barglowski and Danusia Jarecka, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. The couple met in New York City where Jarek worked as an interior designer and Danusia as an illustrator.

The couple moved back to Poland in 1998 and opened an antique store in Warsaw. Soon their showroom gained an international clientele and became a successful business featuring a hand-picked collection of high-end antiques. In 2005 Jarek and Danusia relocated to Hudson, New York.

SKALAR features mid-century modern and art deco collection of furniture, lighting and decorative accessories. All assembled in a unique style by Jarek Barglowski, who travels to Europe in search of outstanding pieces, created by prestigious and lesser-known European designers.