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Sisal Creative

Charleston, SC

"A Studio of Art Problem Solvers"
We’re artists-for-hire. We believe any storefront, lobby, café, museum, hotel or wall at home can be artful and spark conversation. Our art has a dual purpose: it solves problems and evokes emotion.

We create transformative installations and spaces – whether in a home, business or public space. From tiny curiosities to grand installations, Sisal Creative turns your vision into a bespoke, sensory experience that provides new perspective. Beyond that, our art can address a multitude of challenges for our clients, from dividing spaces to absorbing sound to enhancing light or setting a tone.

Our unique skills allow us to create, preserve or re-appropriate whatever the project calls for. Whether your vision is a twinkle in your eye or laid out in a full branding deck, our studio is equipped to consult on, design and produce virtually any artistic experience in any media.
Wescover creator since 2019

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