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Simone Monney

Gland, Switzerland

"My passion for colors brings me far into creativity"
Fifteen years ago, when Swiss painter Simone Monney hosted her first exhibition in Switzerland, she was brand new to the art scene. At present, Simone is known as a prizewinning painter, whose brightly coloured artworks are exhibited around the globe.
Graphist turned painter, Simone always had a love for art and design. She worked for many years at a renowned fragrance company in Switzerland, and her position as a graphic designer inspired her creatively, but with an innate talent and growing desire to enter the art world, Simone would go on to leave behind her corporate career and reinvent herself as an artist. Her artworks—with elegant abstractions and juxtaposing styles—have an impromptu look that pulls the viewer into them. Best described as a union of the senses, her paintings are inspired by her changing surroundings, using different mediums, brushes and techniques to translate her sensory experiences into art. Simone’s skill is really in capturing a moment in time, distilling everything she sees, hears and feels into colorful and stunning artworks.
Wescover creator since 2021

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