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Silvio Vigliaturo

Chieri, Italy

"artist and master of glassmaking of international renown"
Everything, in the art of Silvio Vigliaturo (born in Acri in 1949, living and working in Chieri, Turin), an artist and master of glassmaking of international renown, finds its source and nourishment in the sign. In it we find the ultimate origin of the creative process and the matrix that accompanies and guides it throughout its stages and its subsequent manifestations. The sign translates the artist's need to enclose the many-sided experiences of life within a visible and shareable perimeter that acts as a limit to a story, to a parable. In fact, drawing is first of all a narration, and through the long-trained gesture that gives birth to the sign Vigliaturoturns into a narrator. The story, traced out by the sign in its preliminary form, yet already complete from a narrative point of view, is subsequently translated into painting and explored more closely, giving resulting in artworks characterised by a strong theatrical accent, ultimately real contemporary parables. The plasticity of Vigliaturo’s sign finds its natural destination in sculpture, surprising us for the infinite possibilities of three-dimensional expressions it conveys, supported by the constant research and experimentation to which the artist submits his own creative process. His sculptural works, figures set in a timeless mythical narrative, enclose and circumscribe the past experiences with the same characteristic sign that had previously been translated into painting, tying these two expressive forms tightly together. The advent of glass, whose rediscovery dates back to the beginning of the nineties, simply confirms the urgency of a daily communion between the planning stage and the execution. VigliaturoVigliaturo plays the role of the master alchemist who is able to transform matter and tame, in the furnaces of his art workshop based in Chieri, Turin, the generating force of fire, thus giving birth to fluid, limber, smooth and transparent sculptures, in which the masterly use of colour reaches its maximum exaltation.
From the first exhibitions - dating from 1977 - onwards, Silvio Vigliaturo has taken part in numerous one-man shows as well in collective exhibitions held both in public and private institutions, in Italy as well as abroad. In 2000, he was the only European artist representing the Studio Glass movement to be invited to the Fundación Nacional del Vidrio [National Glass Foundation], La Granja de San Ildefonso, in Segovia, Spain. In 2001, he was the only visual artist to represent the Made in Italy production at the event Quality and life style held in Hong Kong, China. In 2006, he exhibited his works at the Hsinchu Municipal Glass-Museum in Hsinchu, Taipei, Taiwan. In the same year he was appointed as the artistic testimonial of the XX Winter Olympic Games celebrated in Turin. In the same year, the Calabria Region dedicated a museum to him - MACA (Museo Arte ContemporaneaAcri / AcriContemporaryArt Museum) - which houses a permanent collection of his works intended as a biography told through a collection made up of more than two hundred pieces, including sculptures and paintings. He was also the testimonial artist of the Calabria Region at Expo Shanghai 2010 and again at Expo Milano 2015. In 2013, he took part in the Contemporary Glass Sculpture exhibition held at the Orlando Museum of Art (Florida), which brought together the most important glass artists to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Studio Glass movement. His works are to be found on display in Europe, America and Asia, and in 2016 he represented Italy at the European Glass Festival in Wroclaw (Poland), as European Capital of Culture 2016.
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