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Shweta Mansingka Ceramics

Delhi, India

"Ceramic Fruit, bringing prosperity and abundance to your table..."
Using clay as a medium I try to express what has moved me deeply or left an impact on my journey of life. My work responds to ideologies or philosophies that prod me to introspect, mulling deeper, pushing gently to explore the multifaceted layers under the water washed landscape of life and living. I started my conversations with clay in 1989 with sculpture and set up my own studio in 1999.

Fruit as a symbol of abundance and prosperity inspires me with its constantly evolving life cycle. Its journey from seed to fruit can be compared to our thoughts manifesting into deed and action.
Furthermore, in all its maturity it embodies the very womb of creation. It’s ripeness is not the end, rather the mature belly nurturing fresh seeds as potential to perpetuate life...
Wescover creator since 2020

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