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Shawn Huckins

Denver, CO

Shawn Huckins was not inspired by the likes of Van Gogh, Monet, or DaVinci. As a young boy in the second grade, Huckins found inspiration in someone who he affectionately refers to as the ‘Big Kid.’ Observing the ‘Big Kid’ and his drawing talents during a school bus ride home, Huckins took to creating his own sketches. Now a painter, Huckins' introduction to painting came in the form of a family loss when his grandmother passed away a year later and inherited her slightly used oil painting set.

Unfortunately, Huckins’ love affair with painting did not last long. As the medium was not quite what he was used to, he became increasingly frustrated, and stepped away from painting altogether until his college years. After a little globetrotting and some brief stints as a film major, an architecture major, and then as a graphic designer, Huckins found his way back to the medium that he now skillfully manipulates.

Now settled in a creative niche that he could call home, Huckins went onto create his most notable series to date, The American Revolution Revolution and The American __tier.

The American Revolution Revolution features a layering of early American portraiture and social media jargon. Melding the political revolution of 18th century with the technological revolution of the 21st century, Huckins explores where the two meet. In the process of comparing time periods, Huckins also used The American Revolution Revolution to confront the priorities of a dumbed down society.

"Huckins’ work is not digitally generated nor are they Photoshopped. Huckins painted each piece by hand, including the lettering. He continues his onslaught of social media based satire with his follow up series, The American __tier. Again marrying the prestige of fine art with the casual grammatical uncouthness of social media, Huckins flaunts an individual brand of artistic humor - not mention a great amount of skill and technique." - Akeem K. Duncan, 'Quiet Lunch Magazine'
Wescover creator since 2019

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