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Shaun Wallace - Gopherwood Design / Build

Goleta, CA

GOPHERWOOD DESIGN / BUILD began with the giving of gifts. Most of the pieces currently offer were originally given to a person or charity to show my appreciation. The raw form woods use are collected locally. Shaun live and work in Goleta, a small coastal city just above Santa Barbara. With the Santa Ynez Mountains in the back yard he often gather materials on hikes or drives in the back country.
As a youth Shaun worked with his father building timber frame structures in southern California, from homes to commercial buildings. He is also a small/large scale wood worker and continues to be a mentor to his work. While attending UCSB he found a talent as an artist and began working in visual merchandising for a number of national retailers. Most recently working with Urban Outfitters as a display artist Shaun began making gifts for friends with in the company. The gifts were well liked by the visual director and a buyer contacted him to produce my first line of small goods for some of the more curated new stores. Working closely with this buyer they customize the products for various markets and some of the designs remain in his current line.
Wescover creator since 2017

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