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Shakira Lee Quin

Peachester, Australia

"Art is living with a hint of daydream"
Shakira Lee Quin is a contemporary visual artist & designer, who started exploring her creative interests at a young age. She took pleasure in both the escapism and the adventure of self-expression. She is inspired by nature and human expression, among many other things.
As a child Shakira Lee lived a nomadic lifestyle. She battled dyslexia in her studies. Shakira Lee took refuge in her creative explorations which fired her passion for creative work. She is intrigued by how the observation of emotions upon a face may be interpreted. Aiming to capture moment of time, like a snapshot expressing the persons emotion. Although never intending to be a portrait artist, her work often features faces. She finds pleasure in capturing the essence of a moment that you can connect to. Having always loved mythology and the wild, Shakira Lee aspires to create an air of day dream in her works, finding that mysterious place between something other worldly you can connect with. Something that helps you disconnect from the mundane.
Shakira lee works are an eclectic mix of contemporary fine art and design. Self-taught through the exploration of many mediums,though her love is oils. Loving the mediums workable nature. It is her primary medium that she keeps coming back to. Ink, water colour paint’s, resin and charcoal are also mediums she continues to explore. Her work uses the flowing lines of nature and play of light to bring a subject to life. She finds inspiration everywhere both emotional and visual whether in line, tone or full colour, she hopes to unite with you on some level.
Shakira Lee is an Australian artist living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queens Land, with her husband and six children. Choosing a hinterland location as her love for the hills is greater than her love for the sea. The hinterland offering the best of both worlds. Shakira lee is always looking to make new connections and go on new creative endeavours. may be they will include you.
Wescover creator since 2020

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