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Sentrock - Murals and Art
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Chicago, IL

“Joseph "Sentrock" Perez is an artist originally from Phoenix, AZ. He moved to Chicago to pursue a change in scenery and obtain an Bachelors of Art & Design at Columbia College. Perez is known for using bright colors, intense lettering and characters that grab the attention of viewer. A believer in the quote "Art cannot deny the environment that it is in", Perez allows his surroundings of living in Chicago to influence his latest works.

Perez’s distinctive style of bold colors and bird-related imagery has a unique place within in Logan Square’s bubbling artistic community.

“The bird symbolizes freedom,” he explained. “The bird mask is a combination of a human character and the characteristics of a bird. It’s always about freedom, escapism or progression. Sometimes I write ‘fly higher’ or ‘stay high’ — it’s about having an upward projection of your life.” “