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Sean Worrall

London, United Kingdom

"Paint, leaves, freah layers, colour"
Sean Worrall is an artist, most a very bold painter, a one time textile designer, Currently based in an East London studio Sean regularly exhibits both in galleries, alternative spaces and on the streets Sean Worrall’s current body of work is very much related to where he currently lives and works, his current body of work explores the notion of new layers growing over old, the reclaiming of those things that are left to decay, the idea that our cities will eventually be covered and lost in new layers of leaf growth. Lost in the short term as we use the city walls as a street art canvas, then as nature paints her own leaf shaped beauty over the top of it all and those leaves take everything back, The ideas of Trillion Green, the Captain’s Table Sean’s paintings explore the taking back of old walls, the growing over, the freshness of new leaves, new marks, old surfaces, always growing. Newly weathered marks over old faded shapes, new layers, fresh textures... Sean mostly creates work for art galleries and formal exhibition situations, he's not averse to the ideas of interior design and creating work for an specific environment or space and calling on his experience studying as a textile designer at art school, working with interior designed is a possiblity...
Wescover creator since 2019

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