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Scurfield WoodWorks

Mableton, GA

Scurfield WoodWorks...
is a cozy, one-man custom woodworking shop specializing in hardwood furniture and décor. We are located just outside Atlanta’s perimeter in Mableton, GA and have been in business for nearly three years. While the primary focus is on hardwoods and wood joinery, I enjoy the opportunity to work with diverse clients with various budget ranges; the ultimate goal is to bring custom woodworking to the average person!
Scurfield Woodworks top priority is client satisfaction; we love being able to work closely with clientele to bring their vision to life, providing them with a specialized piece that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The designs are typically created with a consistent theme of clean lines and sharp angles, while retaining the woods’ natural beauty. Due to the woods' natural beauty and variance, we proudly assert no two pieces are ever the same!
Ryan's Words:
From as young as I can remember, I’ve always had tools in my hand and wood by my side. Whether it was a tree fort, skateboard ramp, or a downhill go-kart, I have always loved creating and building with wood.
After college, I moved to Atlanta, GA for a job in the rock climbing idustry. In my spare time, I started building residential rock climbing walls, which fed my desire to build while also letting me obtain all the tools for a woodshop. Slowly, I transitioned into a furniture and décor based business.
For me, the entire process of building is what keeps me driven to grow and better myself in the business. From the initial consultation and custom design, to the building progress, and, finally, the delivery, I find a level of intrinsic reward that is unparalleled. Being a one-man show is difficult at times, but the reward of having a hand in everything far outweighs the struggles presented along the way. Seeing a client beam with excitement on delivery day keeps my world turning!
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