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Sculpture by Peter Busby

Cornwall, CT

"I aim to inspire and foster a connection between a given environment, my work, and a broad spectrum of viewers."
Peter Busby, sculptor, was born in Mineola, NY in 1957. He became interested in art at a young age, began woodworking at thirteen, and apprenticed as a cabinetry maker as a young adult. Busby attended SUNY Oswego from 78-79, during which he installed a large-scale, permanent sculpture outside the school’s administration building. He began traveling the world in ’79. He explored, volunteered, and worked throughout the US, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, South Asia, China, the Middle East, and Western Europe, until September of 1982, when he moved to Denmark with his wife-to-be, Bente. The couple married, and Busby attended the Funen Art Academy in Odense, Denmark. Busby received his first public art commission from the Ryslings School in Nyborg, Denmark, in ’86. Peter and Bente then moved to Sonoma County, California to live on a collective called Ocean Song where he created his significant piece, a whale series entitled An Ocean Song. They moved from California to Cornwall, Connecticut in 1991, where Busby designed and built his home and studio. From 1992 until present, in addition to raising three children, Busby has consistently received commissions for large-scale, figurative sculptures and has installed such works throughout the US and Mexico. Among his major public commissions are the Dancing Cranes at the Bronx Zoo in NYC, the Texas Long Horns in Dallas, Texas, and the two life size elephants in Elephant Greeting at the entrance to the Dallas Zoo, TX. With Busby’s most recent body of work, Amphorae, he draws from his early interest in woodworking, his experience with metalworking, and his travels as a young adult. He most recently showed this installation piece at the Five Points Gallery in Torrington, CT, and looks forward to showing variations of the piece throughout the US.
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