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Saverio Innocenti Architects

Florence, Italy

Architect, designer and concept designer born in 1962 in Florence, studied in the same city, graduating with honors at the Faculty of Architecture in 1989, with thesis about Restoration of Villa Sant’Ignazio in Maiano.
He increased his innate interest in interior design through collaborations with local offices; after these experiences, in the 1992 founded Studio Innocenti, focusing on research, creative expression and use of different materials.
The project as the environmental creation, from structural elements to the furniture: long architectural and design experience starts from this assumption, harmonizing technical skills, creativity and overview.
Hotels, restaurants, lounge bars, cafes and houses have been the subject of twenty years old activity, based on ambient optimization and the creation of a warm atmosphere, with attention to lighting. Aesthetic taste and careful job management complies with customers.
Saverio Innocenti is now the only leader of the firm; he acts in concert with a team of co-workers (professionals and manufacturers) with trusted experience, to look for unique solutions with quality and originality.
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