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Sarfraz Art

Seattle, WA

"Colored Pencil Artist"
Hannah is a Seattle based hyper realistic artist who works exclusively in colored pencils. Her works take anywhere from 90 to 120 hours to complete, with incredible detail and patience. After working as a committed artist for only two years, she has had several successful bodies of work. Her first body of work was inspired by things that we often overlook. She created large scale works that celebrated commonplace subjects like the stitching of a bowtie or dried medium on a tube of paint. In the next series she combined punctuation marks with texture. For example, she drew a semicolon covered in blue bird feathers and an ampersand chiseled into marble.

Her most notable body of work has been an ongoing series of couture scarves strewn around the neck of a burning man attendee, or stuck in the nozzle of a beer bottle to make a Molotov cocktail mid revolution. Here her juxtaposition of couture and casual is interesting in such a literal art form. Her next piece in this scarf series will be a couture scarf as the pattern on a vintage gas mask.

Hannah’s combination of hyper realistic style, negative space, and large scale of drawings intrigues artists and viewers alike.
Wescover creator since 2020

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