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Sarah Winkler Art Studio

Morrison, CO

"Mountain, Desert, Coastal Landcape Geology Paintings"
"When I look at the landscape, I see a moment caught in time. A layer of rock and mineral resting between climatic and geological events. Their surfaces scarred by glaciers, the ridge lines formed by tectonic uplifts and erosion. All evidence of a landscape that has experienced dramatic shifts in character over time."

Sarah Winkler is a British born, American contemporary landscape painter who has lived most of her life abroad. She studied Art and Earth Science at William Paterson University and combines both subjects in her landscape and environmental artworks. The artist is best known for her monumentally scaled, color rich, luminous paintings that interpret the geological storied past and eventful present of the formation of the American Western wilderness landscape. She incorporates ground water, crushed rock and materials from the landscape in her paintings to create moments of connection, exploration and discovery.
Wescover creator since 2020

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