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Sarah West - Sculptures and Art
Sarah West
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Sarah West

Raleigh, NC

Sarah West received a BFA in Metal Design, Magna Cum Laude, from East Carolina University and a certificate in Jewelry Making and Repair from North Bennet Street School. Sarah has shown in numerous exhibitions including Alchemy, hosted by the Enamelist Society; Splurge at Equinox Gallery; and The Penland Artists Summer Show at Light Art and Design. Her work will also be featured in the upcoming books New Earrings and Behind the Brooch. In 2011, Sarah West was honored with a Niche Student Award in the Conceptual Jewelry/Art to Wear category. In 2012, Sarah completed the Artspace Regional Emerging Artist Residency in Raleigh, NC and she is the recipient of a North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship Craft Grant. Currently, she maintains a studio space in Raleigh, NC at Artspace.
My work resides at the intersection of jewelry and sculpture. I am inspired by the open lattice work of bridges and electric towers, the internal architecture of buildings as well as maps and trajectory patterns. By overlapping line and shadow with color fields and imagery I create diagrams of emotional landscapes that expose the underlying geography of memory and history. My works are maps of the places we have been in our lives, in our dreams as well as where we are going in the future. My work expresses our embodied fragility and strength. I am interested in how we impress upon our surroundings and how they impress upon us. Like the power lines that intersect the horizon, my pieces are architectural structures that interact with the landscape of the body.