Sarah Tracton

Melbourne, Australia

"Fine porcelain bespoke lighting handcrafted in Australia and drawing"
I am an Australian artist and graduate of the National Art School, Sydney. My lighting is 100% handcrafted, comprised of Australian glazes and porcelain clays that deliver translucent, luminous and ethereal effects when paired with LEDs. The making process involves building architectural porcelain slabs from pouring liquid clay onto a plaster slab. Slip is then poured by layer onto the slab, then the sheets are peeled away. The lights fired twice – once at 1000 degrees and again at stoneware 1280 degrees. Between firings, the pieces are wet/dry sanded by hand to ensure smooth surface qualities. Each light is individually handcrafted, forming their own unique markings and personality - a limited edition work of art designed for longevity and quality.

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