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Sarah Raskey

Chicago, IL

"Sarah Raskey is a visionary artist who believes in changing the way people look at art."
Sarah is dedicated to artistic and transformative living, creative design, and evolving global and social awareness through the arts. Her work touches upon a plethora of cultural references including spirituality, healing, ancient symbolism, expanding consciousness, energetic connections and the sacredness of the creative spirit.

Sarah commits much of her time to further researching how to embed specific intentions and meanings in her paintings based on understanding how art and symbolism have been used in ancient wisdom traditions and how the teachings can be incorporated into her practices. It is important for her to provide the viewer with artistic opportunities to access and explore a higher sense of self and personal reflection. By studying under a wide spectrum of experts such as healers, shamans, artists, mystics, astrologers, etc. she has discovered invaluable knowledge and experience regarding the history of sacred art that she incorporates into her process. Thus, allowing those who view her work - a unique invitation and glimpse into the power of art and its role throughout the ages to express what words alone can not. Acting as truthful examples of imagery saturated with deep purpose meant to speak directly to the soul and encourage the human spirit.
Wescover creator since 2017

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