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Sarah Fosse

London, United Kingdom

Sarah Fosse was born in Liverpool and grew up in Jersey in the Channel Islands. She has travelled extensively before settling in London in 2005.

She has been painting her whole life, having inherited her artistic ability from her mother, a professional artist. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe including a recent sell out solo show in London.

Her paintings have been featured by the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and the BBC and thanks to an ever-increasing following she is able to boast private and corporate collectors across Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Derain and Matisse were early influencers for Sarah. Her passion for Fauvism and Expressionism is unmistakably conveyed by her bold, vibrant colour palette and the manner in which she deconstructs and distorts the urban landscape. Having always lived near water (be it coastal or river) Sarah has a fascination with its movement, reflections and energy, which has also inspired her unique style.

Working and living in London, she uses her adopted home city and the travel it affords her as the inspiration for her work. London, New York, Hong Kong and Paris all feature regularly within her portfolio as she cites them as favourite destinations of hers.
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