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Sarah Coleman - Murals and Paintings

Sarah Coleman

Nevada City, CA

The sky’s expansiveness leads to contemplation and dreaming. It inspires me. For the last decade I have made paintings with imagery solely from the sky. It is a way that I connect with with my ancestors and humankind in general. We share the same sky, atmosphere, stars, sun and moon. I believe this is where we came from and where we will return.

Born in Yuba City, Ca. in 1976, I was raised in the suburbs of Texas and Minnesota before returning to Northern California. Along the way, I was drawn to the unique landscapes made by the changing skies, each with their own effect and mood. These environments and their cultures shaped my early life experience and sparked an interest in the emotional impacts of atmosphere, weather and the illusions they create.

I am driven by the interactive potential of optical illusions and strive to create them in my work. A painting's appearance can vary greatly depending on the angle of the viewer, quality of light or time of day. For example, a painting hung in a bright sunny room, will glow in the morning and change dramatically in the afternoon and evening. The imagery moves and shifts as the viewer walks by. It is dynamic like the sky. My goal is to make the clouds roll and the lightning strike within the frame.

Collectors include: Four Seasons in San Diego, Nate Berkus in Chicago, Mike “Think” Stern in San Francisco, Joanna Newsom in New York, Brushfire Records in Los Angeles, Hotel Nia in Menlo Park, Ca.
Wescover creator since 2019

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