Sandra Di Leo

Toronto, Canada

"Abstract Expressionist Artist"
My paintings are self-reflective, an introspective exploration of self-discovery. Fuelled by my memories, I paint intuitively, as I am pulled between the conscious and the unconscious of my divided self. As I connect to the piece, I explore the crossover between my past observances and the present, and translate these elements into my art. I start by silencing the mind and free myself of any preconceived notions — by applying the process of unlearning I am given a new beginning which allows me to interpret my experiences with the same free spirit as they were once observed. I apply bold colour palettes and relay these captured recollections through the use of colour psychology. Viewers experience moments of emotional intensity through colour instead of words. Black fluid lines and expressive brushstrokes convey an impression of spontaneity.
Wescover creator since 2020

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